Our Vision

*Dream*Believe*Achieve*Dance’s short term vision is to build up our specialized programs so that we offer something for EVERYONE in the community.  You’re never too young to soak up the benefits that the wonderful world of dance offers, and it’s certainly never too late to learn either!  Our biggest inspirations are our dancers so we plan to build up our studio as far as our dancers can DREAM!

*Dream*Believe*Achieve*Dance’s long term vision is to inspire our community with our movement, and help them appreciate the arts just as much as our DBA Dance Family does.  Our dancers will learn with a positive mindset we can help others that are less fortunate and become a part of a positive change in our world.  

Our Philosophy

At DBA Dance we are devoted to providing our dancers with a quality dance education.  More importantly, we are focused on teaching our students about so much more than just the steps.  The wonderful world of dance has a lot to offer.  Dancers can gain from every class strength, poise, discipline, and self-respect.  From every performance our dancers can gain teamwork, confidence, strong work ethics and commitment.  We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment where our dancers feel right at home, a place they come to for comfort and can create lifelong friendships with both their fellow dancers and instructors.

 All of our DBA Dance Faculty are strong believers in giving back to our communities and paying it forward to all of those that surround us.  We are committed to teaching our students that although our training takes place within our studio walls, we can take what we learn and “Dance For A Cause”.  Our mission is to teach the next generation that dancers can have a strong positive impact on the public simply through their movement.  We want our dancers to understand that impact, and embrace that gift.  This is the generation of dancers that can step up and make a change in human kindness and create positive attitudes for our future.