Anneliese Hurlock

{RYT 200hr Svasta Yoga, Bali, Indonesia}

{Certified Yoga Therapy 5&6 Svasta Yoga}

{Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training: MYNT Yoga}

{The Body Keeps the Score Bessel Van Der Kolk}

Anneliese is from Connecticut but has trained around the world studying yoga therapy and real life applications of stress management and healthy living. 

Her path has lead her to teaching yoga not only for adults, but for children especially. if you know her, this is no surprise. She has been volunteering in Hartford for a year at Capitol Preporatory Magnet School, and Martin Luther King Jr; grades K-7.

She strives to help children to be playful and loving to themselves and others through the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation.

She has studied yoga for trauma, and has volunteered as a Clinician at Camp Erin, a nationwide camp for grieving children. There she mentored a cabin, and taught trauma sensitive yoga.

When working with her students, her prime objective is to meet people where they are in their life, and to nourish and uplift them. This “come as you are” approach allows the individual to create space for healing and growth, by living in the present moment. She says "That is when we realize our own true self."