Creative Candy Week- This week our camp will focus on what every kid loves...CANDY!  They will learn many new dance steps that are named after types of candies, leap, jump and turn their way through their own giant CandyLand board, and make their own candies at craft time.  Our week together will end with a sweet treat as we head next door to the Cruisin' Cafe for some ice cream!  
(Best suited for our dancers ages 7-11)


Princess Week- This week is geared for our younger dancers who dream everyday of becoming a princess!  Each individual day will focus on a different princess character as we gear our dance time, craft project, snack and story time around that particular princess.  Dancers will be introduced to all genres of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, acro and hip-hop) throughout their time at princess week.  A great camp for our younger dancers to learn what classes they like the most, and of course leave feeling as if they are a princess themselves!   
(Best suited for our dancers 7 & under) 


Athletic Agility Week- This week is geared to build our dancers stamina and strength.  We will focus mostly on jazz, hip-hop and acrobatics as we explore how to increase our coordination, balance, and flexibility through fun conditioning exercises, outdoor games, and of course obstacle courses.  We will end our week with our own mini Olympics, it's sure to be an adventurous week for everyone! 
(Best suited for our dancers ages 8-12)  


Ultimate Diva Dancer Week- This camp is our ultimate "girly" week, as we will dance our hearts out in every genre of dance.  Throughout the week we'll learn how to do our own bun in our hair, practice our "stage make-up," paint our friends nails and so much more.  It's the ultimate diva, nails, and make-up, what every girl dreams of!  With a lot of teamwork we will end our week with a fashion show for our family & friends to come and watch.  As our little divas walk the runway they'll be working on their confidence, poise and's about dance and so much more this week! 
(Best suited for dancers ages 7-11) 


*Please note that the ages mentioned for each camp are just a recommendation as far as what is planned for the curriculum for that given week.  

  Please don't hesitate to contact Miss Carissa directly to discuss your own dancer and their requests.